Importance of cleanliness in the workplace

By Tunde Obileye

A first impression cannot be made twice and a good one can make a big difference. One important way of creating a good first impression is by maintaining cleanliness in all aspects of our lives. Effective cleaning plays a vital role and it is the first defense against health problems.

A clean workplace can be described as a place where there is an all-round protection from germs although it must be made clear it is impossible to get rid of germs entirely no matter the technique applied as millions of germs fill the air. However, the aim of cleanliness is simply a healthy environment.

Benefits derived from cleaning include improved health and safety standards, and respectable professional image. Health and safety standards are improved with regular cleaning for the following reasons; Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, air quality is improved, proper disposal keeps work area clutter free, clean light fixtures improve lighting efficiency, clean and dry floors prevent slips and falls.

As for the professional image of the company, people will always make good comments about the company and we can all agree it is better to be appreciated than critized. A clean workplace makes visitors more comfortable and this comes down to the little details such as regularly emptied waste bins.

Ensuring our workplaces are regularly cleaned comes with several advantages which include increase in value of property, reduced cost of operation in the long term, safe operations, attracting clients, beautified work space and improved indoor air quality.

Whether the task of cleaning is outsourced or carried out by an in-house cleaning team, it must be admitted it takes a lot to ensure every part of the workplace is kept clean and in as much as some parts may be left out, there are key areas that must be cleaned regularly such as; floors, restrooms and surfaces.

The floors are surfaces all visitors see and they must always be in best possible condition. Clean floors beautify the office, reduce wear to the surface, and prevent common safety hazards such as slips. There are various floor cleaning machines including floor buffers, automatic floor scrubbers and carpet extractors. One important consideration when cleaning floors is the type of flooring, be it wood, tile or stone, one should know how to clean each type.

Hygiene in the office greatly depends on the restrooms and there are items that should be available in every restroom. These items ensure the spread of bacteria is reduced. Clean restrooms should always have hand sanitizers, hand towels, hand dryers, hand soap dispensers, toilet papers. It is also highly effective to install automatic flushing systems in the toilets. Restrooms should be cleaned very regularly.

The most touched areas of workplace facilities are surfaces such as countertops, desks, cash registers, cabinets etc. This is the reason constant disinfection is absolutely important. Surfaces allow for easy spread of bacteria, viruses and diseases which may lead to serious health problems.

A proper waste disposal system, adequate and strategically placed bins, efficient and qualified cleaning staff are needed to achieve a clean workplace. A tidy environment makes workers and visitors happy and comfortable. For this reason cleaning should be carried out regularly.

Cleaning being part of the wider maintenance program requires a facilities manager who understands how productivity in the workplace increases as a result of keeping an eye on the janitorial staff because a dirty place and clean mind cannot work together.

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