Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Experience has taught me to be wary of any and every situation until a remedy or a solution to the existing facts is found. It is sometime hard to believe but this should remain the fact in and of life anytime anywhere. This is the gospel truth of life among other necessities. As a think-tank of my own skull, there is need to revamp and rotate to the reality with high common senses that goes beyond admiration and speculation. I stand to be corrected but two cannot live the same inner life even if it was a wife and a husband or one’s own child. Indeed there are no comparisons anywhere that can match the goal or token. It has to be understood that the destiny of one move forward to his or her achievement or distraction must be self-made with determination and forward purposes. It might not be collectively motivated but must be self-driven to the expected end. This is what life is all about and it can only be achieved when one is alive. This came into being and in my doldrums’ norms when a young man walked in my office and the first thing he said was “Yaba, there are brains outside there who if given the chance can really shape the destiny of the up-coming generation”. Sooner than later we are going to miss them without the impact of their wisdoms and knowledge into beings for future remembrance and legacy. An example he gave took me down trodden because this young man mentioned the brains like those of Prof. Taban Lo liyong, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Okot P Bitek Grace Ogot and Chinua Achebe among the many African brains in the literature world. This young man told me that apart from the work these dedicated sons and daughters of Africa did, few if any were being marveled by the continent itself leave alone their countries of origin. They will and some have already gone with their impacted wisdoms and gift of life to the ancestors. The words of this young man were like the new shape side or a razor blade. They cut deep into me with a word or two and knowledge that give what you have to the general being while you can and while still standing. Indeed it downed on me that we are visitors in this world and just passing though and if indeed we can then we should share and impact what we have in the living time instead of being praised after our demise. I am sure that those gifted do not ask for praises but praises should follow them to their internal end. It is a wild world that only recognizes the good from the bad and the bad from the good. Where and what do you stand for. For me l am in for impacting the little la have for the future generation. Let this be the call of those who value what tomorrow will be.

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