Imotong state pledges tractor to youth in Torit

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem  


The government of Imotong state pledged to give one tractor to a youth group activist in order to fight hunger and poverty in the state.

Jacob Atari the Minister of Information and who is also the acting Minister of Agriculture made the announcement on Tuesday.

“The government of Imotong state through the state Ministry of Agriculture will donate one tractor to the Torit Youth Peacemakers Network to encourage them to produce more food next year,” Atari said.

He cautioned the youth against laziness and the tendency of going back to refugee camps in Uganda due to the hunger in the state, saying they should work hard to produce food to fight hunger and unemployment in the state.

“I am challenging those youth who are still playing dominos, cards or carrying arms and causing destruction in human lives and properties, to respond to the government’s call for the National Dialogue in order to cultivate our own food,” Atari said.

Meanwhile, Scovia Hidita Beda, the Chairperson for Torit youth Peacemaker Network, appreciated the state government for the support.

She said there is no way for a country to see peace without food, “The farming can fight hunger, poverty and unemployment among the young people in the stateand in the country.”

“We thank the state government for the tractor and through this we will be able to make this farm to produce enough food to eradicate hunger, poverty and unemployment among youth in Torit,” Mrs. Beda said.

The representative of former Torit county, Andrew Albino urged the state government to be committed to its pledge to donate the tractor

“We have heard that the government will donate one tractor, let it not be a word, but action in order to enable us produce more food that will feed the all the people in the state,” Albino said.

According to the Chairperson of Torit Youth Peacemakers Network, their agricultural products such as maize and sorghum will be sold at affordable prices to the ordinary people.

Atari continued that the budget of their project was 10.000 US Dollars, saying the project was divided into two phases including, cultivation, harvesting and storage. He said the two phases will take 5000 USD each.

However, the hunger situation in Torit is now reducing compared to the previous three months where thousands of people were forced to flee to the neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda in search for food and other basic humanitarian needs.


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