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Imotong State MPs to campaign for Peace

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem


TORIT- Imotong state legislative assembly breaks its session till March 2017 to allow Members of the Parliament (MPs) to visit their constituencies and campaign for peace and unity.

Ben Loki Palatino, the assembly speaker has called on Mps to use their recess to visit their constituencies and update them on the current economic crisis and insecurity in the country that disabled developmental programs.

He urged MPs to disseminate the peace dialogue initiative to the people at the grassroots and mobilize them for dialogue in case there are differences among them.

“Strictly speaking, a recess period for MPs should be a period of serious and continious interactions with one’s constituency individuals and groups regarding current burning issues relating to peace building and insecurity threats facing the various communities in their constituencies. Every member is keenly aware of the current deteriorating economy of our nation coupled with the current security threats, which are generated by the current national crisis. It is incumbent on every member of this assembly to exert maximum and intensive efforts together with the various groups of the community leaders, women, youth, civil society and church based groups to galvanize themselves in solidarity in order to address effectively the peace and security issues in a comprehensive manner in their relevant constituencies” Loki said.

He outlined his assembly achievements by saying “it has completed 36 ordinary sittings for the second session and managed to pass seven resolutions for the state ministries policy statement in Imotong state”.

The speaker appealed to the MPS to work as a  team and collaborate with each other as the New Year is at hand. He hopes to see or hear changes and restoration of peace across the state.

Thomas Oliha, Torit Catholic dioceses apostolic administrator called on the MPs to continue praying for the country. “There is need for prayers for all the citizens to bring the country back to its feet”.

“My brothers and sisters, we need prayers in our country, three years now we are in war amongst ourselves and as a consequence, there is a lot of hunger in our country. Many have left us and this is why we need to pray for this house and for the whole of the country,” Oliha explained the importance of prayers to the frustrated people of the country.










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