Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Something is terribly wrong in the world today with so many abnormal things happening which do not fit to be associated with human nature. It is against the normal nature for a man to marry another man and a woman to do so although some people want us to believe that some of the people practicing such activities are normal human beings. I read with shock that there is a man in Adjumani in Uganda who has twice pretended to be a woman and got married in those two different occasions and dates, only for the would be expecting husbands to discover that what they had actually married was a man like themselves after each stayed or lived the him (her) for a period of time. In another incident an Indian man is suing his in laws for duping him into marry a man in the pretext that he was a lady. The couple stayed for two months without to close contact of a man and a wife and the Indian man was not like the Adjumani, men. Him he took the so called wife to doctors, gynecologists, for testing and confirmation of the continuous excuse of being in her period just like the case of the lady across the borders who got away with the same excuses. But this one here was unlucky because the long arm of the law caught up with him and he is now under custody being investigated for the offence. What beats all logic is why someone of sound mind if it is, and mature should choose cheat their ways in the society and to do things that were not normal in human life. Sometime there are matters that makes us tongue-tied. It gives some of us as parents’ sleepless nights. How would this happen and why should even some parents encourage their children to do some impossible things like these. It is clearly written and we have been told that so many ugly and unbelievable things will be happening that are not natural to human beings. These are just but two things of similar nature happening in different parts of the world and that brings back to inner thinking whether parents do really follow what their children are doing as they grow up or could it be the level of poverty faced by some families. Whatever the reason(s), the world needs to pray honestly to God to forgive our sins. It is a world polluted with sins from one corner to another including the coronavirus pandemic. The creator had balanced his act when we were coming out of the womb. He had planned that man will marry a woman and a woman married to a man no shortcut and no other ways. Why then should a man pretend to change his sex and chat his ways into marrying another man without the knowledge of the “husband.” It is immoral and unacceptable

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