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Immigration to unify Visa, Passport fees

Immigration officials

By Yiep Joseph

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality Passport and Immigration has resolved to unify Visa, Temporary Stay Permit (TSP) Temporary Travel Document and Passport fees in the country.

This resolution was reached with other key seven resolutions during the two days’ leadership workshop that ended on Friday.

In the workshop, It was allegedly reported that heads of Immigration Departments in the states and border posts charged different prices for Visa, Passport, Temporary travel document and Temporary Stay permit compare to the head office in Juba.

Officers resolved to unify all Immigration documents and their fees (Visa, Aliens Registration, Temporary Stay Permits, Emergency Travel Documents, Entry Permits),

However, they did not mention the uniform fees as per different documents.       

It also resolved to increase capacity building to all Immigration Officers and non-commission officers, the members acknowledged the need for regular meetings in order to discuss migrant challenges in the country, Urged the leadership of DCRNPI to Design a hotel guest registration system capable to capture and remit foreign national and national’s data to the immigration data base.

In the closing remark, James Pui Yaak Deputy IGP cautioned all the Immigration officials to cooperate with Each other and implement the recommendations of the workshop.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) James Pui Yaak called on the police officers to apply the recommendations where necessary.

“What I need from all of you (Immigration officers) is to cooperate with one another because if you are not working as a team and not cooperating with yourselves there is nothing that you can achieve but when you are working together with the same spirit of teamwork, I believe you can achieve something and implement the above recommendations” Pui said.

He urged all the officials to be friendly and honest to themselves and nationals and foreigners citing immigration as one of the most important department in the country.

“The directorate of Immigration is a very important Directorate not only for the Police but for the whole country because it is where people get important life documents, so it is not a simple Directorate you need to be serious and honest” he added.

He added that the success of Immigration department is a success for the whole country, there is need for working hard.

“The foreigners that are here in the country came to help us and also to work with interest of their countries but how we going to make our country good is none of their business, it is our business” he expressed.

However, Atem Marol Biar Director General of Immigration passport and Nationality urged the Immigration officers to work in line with the constitution and particularly financial Act.  

“The most important thing that we need from Immigration officer is that he or she continue to do the work in line with constitution for the interest of the citizens” Atem said.

Atem cautioned heads of Immigrations at states and borders to implement uniform fees for Visa, passport, TSP and temporary travel document.

“Yes there was some reasons that prices are different from time to time, we have seen the challenges of different prices and for us there is need to follow one system” Atem said.

He urged all those officials who will be going to the state to get one uniform document with similar prices with that of headquarters according to the finance act.

Atem urged Immigration officials to cooperate with other officials in order to improve delivery of necessary services to the citizens.

“For the case of interference, we need to engage the organized forces and see how to cooperate and work hand in hand, we can’t work alone” he said. 

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