Immigration to deport illegal aliens

By William Madouk Garang

The Director-General of Passport, Nationality and Immigration has directed his officers to apprehend and immediately deported any traveler without legal document.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Gen. Atem Marol Biar said that they would not condone passengers entering to the country without legal documents especially those lacking valid passports and visas.

“There are planes which bring passengers from international air route who don’t have any legal document, take it from me today. if any plane fetched a passenger without legal papers that person should be deported back to where they came from as soon as possible,” Biar said.

“To you the security forces who are stationed at the airport find a place, and if a passenger was brought without legal documents keep him there to sleep and eat under the responsibility of that airline which brought them to Juba until they are deported back by the same airline the following day,” he added.

He also added that those who do not have legal documents could be criminals or might have some hidden agenda to expand their criminal network since their identities were not known.

“We are not against people coming to South Sudan but we want people who are really organized with proper documents of their respective country. Why do they come without their passport? Such people are criminals or they have other agendas. We don’t want our country to be influxed with criminals. We want people who will come here and contribute to the development of our country,” he explained.

He also warned the officers to refrain themselves from extracting money (fine) from people adding that it was one of the major issue which encouraged people to continue coming in without proper papers because they know they would be fine and grant entry.

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