Immigration resumes silent search on aliens

By Bida Elly David

The immigration department yesterday declared the resumption of silent search on foreigners living illegally in the Country.

This came during the general police parade that was meant for accurate orientation to oversee illegal settlement of foreigners without valid immigration documents.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, the Director General for Immigration, Nationality and Passport Atem Marol Biar said, there was continuous inflow of foreigners from other Countries who were living without documents as if they were citizens.

Addressing police officers, he said that they should make silent search through cooperation with the foreigners as a sign of investigation to know whether they possessed documents or not.

He added that officers should use police theories to communicate with the foreigners for ease of identification of those who didn’t possess the documents.

“I want you officers to use a silent search police theory to identify those foreigners who are living within South Sudan without migration documents.This silent search will enable the immigration department to know the number of foreigners living in the Country as well as identify criminal activities caused by some of them. Issues of bribery have been noticed many times among some officers’’,he stressed.

“You need to be polite with them as you conduct your findings from them.”

Furthermore, he urged police officers not to concentrate on bribery rather they should focus on rendering their duties as demanded by the authority.

He advised heads of stations especially, Sherikatnot to take immediate measures on foreigners who newly entered the country rather follow up should be the only measure of identification.

He lamented that there were cases within Central Equatoria regarding issues of foreigners.

“It is the responsibility of the immigration office to oversee issues concerning foreigners not any other department,” he said.

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