Immigration resumes ‘silence search’ to trample expired documents

Director-General of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport & Immigration, Lt. Gen. Atem MarolBiar

By William Madouk Garang

Boss of Immigration Lt. Gen. Atem Marol Biar has informed immigration officers to continue with operation theory dubbed ‘silence search’ to trample down the issues of expired documents and human trafficking in the country.

This call came after the Immigration office at Munuki station on Wednesday found six Bangladeshi nationals who are staff at Hotel with six-year expired passports, visas and other documents

Gen. Biar was briefing the head of Immigration departments after his return from East Africa heads of immigration conference held in Kenya pertaining alarming issue of human or persons smuggling in the region.

Speaking to Journalists in Juba, Director-General of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport & Immigration, Biar echoed a call for all foreigners who are staying in the country without proper documents to immediately renew them or face a stern legal suit.

“Let us continue doing our work but knowing that let us take the theory of silence search, there are some people who are shareholders of the companies, they are the ones who call us directly and they don’t want anybody [their people] to be touched,”Biar said.

“I want again to request all aliens who are here [in South Sudan] to cooperate with migration, those [people who]their visas expired [should] come to Kololo and business union [offices] before we capture them,” he appealed.

He advised immigration officers to cooperate with aliens on the process adding that the motives were not to deport or chase people away but to organize and protect both foreigners and nationals in accordance with laws.

Mr. Biar also lamented that when registration started in 2021, they found almost 90% of aliens without valid documents and the few who have documents processed the visas once and never return for renewal.

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