Immigration notifies civilians to collect passport, nationality

By William Madouk Garang

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport & Immigration yesterday issued yet another notice notifying all people who finished their procedures to come and collect their documents.

Immigration department stressed that up to 10,000 passports and 30,000 nationality cards were printedand awaiting owners to come and pick them in the main office.

Director-General of Immigration, Gen. Atem Marol Biar said they will erect tents in the compound today and people will be lined-up based on first alphabet of their names from today up to Saturday.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Immigration boss Biar said they had printed a big number of passports and national IDs, but to their disappointment people failed to pick up their documents. 

“Today I would want to inform people of South Sudan, especially those who process their documents passport and National Identity to come tomorrow [today] in the Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Immigration [DNPI] headquarters for general issuing of passports starting from tomorrow [today] upto Saturday,” Biar declared

“This is the second announcement to the people, the problem [is that] sometimes people come, they process all documents and then they fail to come and collect their document,” he complained.

He also demanded the general public to heed to the call to hurriedly come and pick up their papers, adding that it’s truly sad for documentsto be issued while owners fail to collect them.  

On Declast year, the Director of Information & Public Relation in the Directorate, Col. James Mapuor Acuoth similarly extended his voice to the general public to come and collect their documents.

“We have printed 10,000 passports and 20,000 nationality certificates ready to be given to the owners, so come and take yours,” Acuoth told journalists earlier last year.

He cited that thousands of passports and nationality ID cards have stocked up and the process of congestion hindering more issuance since possessors don’t want to pick their papers.

On December 2021, Immigration department acquired 43,000 booklets for regular passport and 50,000 nationality certificates which the directorate said would push them up to2022.

This was after government had paid 3.4 US million to the German company known as Mhulbauer to obtain additional booklets. The remaining balance of 3 US million will be paid to the company to import more booklets.

Gen. Atem told media earlier that the company gave a condition to the government of South Sudan to first pay before they import booklets, due to previous arrears of 60 US million the government owed the firm.

In November, 2021 alone, the directorate imported 5,000 booklets of regular passports and 49,000 national ID cards which was anticipated to be enough but ended before the end of year.

But it ran out leaving many people stranded and the shortage caused another backlog for the immigration department.

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