The directorate of nationality and immigration has sounded an alarm over the issuance of passports to foreigners through the back doors (panya routes). It is not accepted to hold or have such documents without the authority of those charged to provide them. It is a punishable crime to forge or hold unauthorized document without following the right procedures. All foreigners are required to hold legal and authorized immigration documents to live, work or visit a foreign country. That some foreigners are in possession of the documents illegally is something which must be investigated and the loopholes sealed. It is an abuse of hospitality to act or do such things without following the right path. It is even an insult to the host country. What this means is that there are collaborators in and outside the immigration department that have made this as their business and milk cow. They collaborate with foreigners who are allegedly paying them well in foreign currency. The department and other security organs should not divert their attention in investigations. They should start from within the department itself to find out who were behind the racket. It is common knowledge that some officers within the department are behind the whole illegalities. Those found out to be carrying out the issuances of illegal passports of other immigration documents should be dealt with according to the law of the land. They could be illegally, legalizing people who have committed criminal offences in their countries of origin and come here to find safe haven for themselves. It is not to be compromised where the security of the country is involved. There have been cases in the region where criminals have created havoc by killing, destroying property and other acts of crimes. Some of the acts are carried out because of lack of thorough and tight surveillance on who is entering the country. This should not be the case here.

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