Immigration and Nationality Directorate declared Covid-19 hotspot

By Rofina Teteng

Covid-19 Audit Committee has declared the Immigration and Nationality Directorate a hotspot for Covid-19 spread.

During a visit by to the Ministry of Interior Department of Immigration and Nationality yesterday, the audit committee said that the institution is at moderate of high risk of Covid-19 spread.

Speaking to the press after inspecting the department, the acting chairperson for Covid-19 Audit Committee Dr. Ader Macar Aciek said the institution has failed to maintain a heathy environment and Covid-19 preventive measures have not been observed.

“The visitors who come for immigration and nationality processes are not following the preventive measures and even some staff are not wearing facemasks,” Dr. Aciek said.

He saidthat social gathering cannot be controlled because large numbers of people and poor ventilations in the offices, making it a viable environment for Covid-19 spread.

“Social gathering cannot be controlled which makes it easyfor peopleto contract the disease and we also observed some of the offices don’t have a proper ventilation system which is also making it a viable environment or media to contracting Covid-19 within the offices,” he stated.

“There is no proper waste management because some of the wastes are thrown through out although they are told  to collect it but maintained the healthy clean environment,” he added.

Dr. Aciek urges those who are coming for issuing of passportand nationality Identity Cards to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 preventive measures.

“People who are coming for the issuing of passports and IDs should adhere to the preventive measures because now it will be like a hotspot transmitting the disease among visitors and taking it back home to our loved ones,” he further said.

He also warned the administration of the institution that “whoever don’t want to comply with the preventive measures should be denied services and those staff who don’t want to comply with the measures should be also prevented from work.”

On his part, the Deputy Director for Immigration and Passport Directorate Charles BozaEjwa said they are facing challenges in enforcing the preventive measures on people coming for the services in the department.

“We are facing challenges from those people who come for services, they don’t want to wear facemasks even the receptionists themselves don’t wear the facemasks, they keep it in the pocket,” he said.

Mr. Ejwa said he will improve on these observations and make sure everyone who enters the office is observing the preventive measures.

The Taskforce Audit Committee also visited the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry at the ministries’ complex but found the ministry relatively on low risk of Covid-19 spread.

However the COVID-19 Incident Manager Dr. Richard Lako observed that some individuals are not complying with the preventive measures.

“Although the Ministry is at the lower risk, we have made some observations on social distancing and few people who don’t wear facemasks need to be observed,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justice the national police spokesperson promisedto improve on the observations made by the Taskforce Audit Committee.

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