Immediate decisions are always emotional

By Malek Arol Dhieu

The University of Juba does not know that it has grown so huge that a number of unidentified irregular students whose only aim is to achieve their political interests in the name of the University of Juba are to be found within the premises. It happened last week that a group of students who claimed to have come from each registered political parties in the university, but who were later denied by the same political parties, teamed up and staged a peaceful strike following the reason that economic crises are at peak, and that, it is their sole responsibility to react as citizens. Surprisingly, they were seen carrying shakable slogans, including those that were written ‘we need regime change’ instead of carrying slogans written ‘we need reduction of prices’, ‘we need economic recovery’ or any slogan related to the strike. For the students of the University of Juba who are used as tools by no-better-than-other politicians to create havoc for them to use as an excuse, it is always required of an educated person to see the other side of the coin, I mean to reason with focus on resultant consequences for you and the surrounding. The University of Juba in the years before Prof. John A. Akech, was a bush-like university, having both ground and aerial dismaying views, was a habitat for small crawling wild animals and a place where one couldn’t think of taking a photo in, but with independence and gradual emergence of advancement, the university staggered until it was finally shouldered by the current Vice Chancellor at a very critical time of political division which still has a profound affect now as other colleges have no final classes. So this long crooked way is not known by the students admitted in the recent years, as such, any order imposed on the students by the University Administration becomes such a condition that can only be addressed by striking other than by dialoguing. Which university on earth then does not apply its rules and regulations where necessary, including universities with free education? The students should have instead followed an administrative line of negotiating this issue with their college administrations so that a little favor of extending the registration period is done to the, but now things have fallen apart with this shocking immediate order of closure until late November. The university closure is not fear at all but my fear is the intervention of the government in response to misleading slogans of politically-minded students and their melodramatic statements over the radios, which may result in more shocking news. And because the university has lost a segment of its hierarchical ladders in the name of Juba University Students’ Union (JUSU), students are left with no other option rather than to react to the University Administration directly. JUSU was a students’ body between students and the university administration that had a responsibility for taking voices and grievances of students to the university administration for negotiations, and by doing so, it should have neutralized the immediate emotional actions of students and has aided the university in addressing banning issues collectively. With JUSU availability students first struck through JUSU, and if JUSU failed to look in to the matter, they would proceed to the university administration and by the time they were seen demonstrating through JUSU, the university administration should have already devised a protective mechanism to resist them when they reached. Not only that, the university has badly missed a lot of activities, donations (both individual and group) and trainings that were channeled through JUSU, more understandingly there are donors of small capacities who fear channeled their donations through the university administration because of their littleness, and would want to tiptoe through JUSU, and because of JUSU long illness, these donations are being missed. There is need for JUSU to come back, after being reformed from being a political union to a more non-political student union that operates without political interferences and its revival is going to be a more headache than this now. For the university to get rid of unnecessary political demonstrations, it has to set a system in which all students’ files are checked from the year of admission to present so that students frequently repeated and those that have graduated but still in hostels are identified and monitored whether or not they are the cause of recurrent chaos at the university. I particularly disagree with the Vice Chancellor on closure of the university till 23rd November, because students who have paid also have rights to enjoy learning privileges including lectures but now the order too affects them, what if they again strike to claim their rights?

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.          

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