I’m afraid of the attendance to a female president’s conference in Africa if called.

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

The history of Africa lacks females recorded as very important personalities in the struggles for the independence of their countries but a few of them are recorded at the edges of the history for their little contribution. This little participation of females in liberation struggles should not be an excuse for their not being elected as presidents or appointed in the governments in big number. They had little contribution not because they were incapable but because it was not easy for females during those days to lead rebellions nor was it easy for them to fully participate in men activities as African cultures, taboos and norms were still intact compared to now where a woman can break a norm by wrestling down her husband and compose a very aggressive song against the husband. The eminent females who deserted their own country to solicit for funds and support in neighboring independent countries were Somalian females but they were too many for writers to record their names in the history of their country. A percentage calculated for women to represent in the government such as the 35% in South Sudan remains stipulated in the constitution but not implemented in formation of the government as women appointment is as hard as electing them in positions such as presidency because of a very wrong belief that “we have never been led by a woman before”, so there is no need of weakening the history of the country like that. If I may ask, what is the connection of sex difference with leadership? That belief is fair but another very annoying one is that, a woman appointed in any position is said to have been ridden by an appointing authority which is a total misconception of the public. These people called women are the best leaders of all, a government led by a woman has less opposition because she does not decide on emotions as men do, because decisions brought about by emotions are trouble-causing. Besides, the spirit of mothers is one quality of them that is underrated but it plays a very important role in women leadership as they treat everybody with caring hearts. Africa is the only continent with low number of female presidents not because capable women are not there, they are there in abundance but men have silently agreed to elbow them aside. This could have been inconsiderable if African presidents mind their tenures and step down to allow people in hierarchy to lead one by one until an automatic chance of a woman knocks at her door, but now a century may end with as few former presidents in a country as two or three. Another contributing factor is dynasty, which does not give rooms for females of that particular clan to join the leadership queue as their husbands are the ones succeeding each other. This delays gifted leaders until they kick the bucket or become opposition which is the cancerous part of leadership mainly in Africa. So for women who are fond of giving up, they discard their leadership dreams and break in to selling their skills to male leaders for sustainability. One bad thing about African women is that they have caught Human Rights by its collar as if they were made for them alone, so terribly that they forget their natural roles and begin to almost prepare duty rosters at homes but men are wiser when it comes to such situations. Rumorsly, a group of South Sudanese women wrote a complaint letter addressing it to late Dr. John Garang De Mabior that men must also fetch firewood for cooking, cook for women, boil bathing water for women, bring drinking water to women, prepare beds for women and do other things that women do, because all human beings are equal according to Human Rights, as wise as Dr. John Garang was, he did not answer them at once, but he tricked them that I’m very thirsty, I can’t answer you now. Without being told, one woman quickly got up and brought water for him, he took a sip and replied them that you women forget that it is your natural duty to do the aforementioned things to men, if I may ask, who told one of you to bring water to me? However, men should not take women as kitcheners alone but as people who can also lead like them. Africa needs a lot of trials for it to be like other continents and these trials include those that can be done by women.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.     

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