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Illegal poaching, trafficking endangers wildlife

Illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking in Africa has raised global alarm that there are threats of extinction of natural resources across the continent, said Wildlife Conservation Society deputy Country Representative.

Michael Lopidia said there is need to protect the environment, stop illegal poaching and trafficking of wild animals and conserve the natural resources as the only means of maintaining the country’s resources.

He said human activities on natural resources are seen as leading factors endangering wildlife and pose threat to the environment which leads to environmental pollution as well as climate change.

The official made this remarks yesterday during the celebration of the World Environment Day which aims at creating global awareness and actions for protection of environment, conserve wildlife and natural resources.

“We and the partners are working hard with the local communities and the National Wildlife Services to stop illegal poaching and trafficking, conserve environment, manage resources, promote livelihoods and mitigate conflict to ensure that our ecosystem and biodiversity is reserved”.

Lopidia said the country’s diverse ecosystems and biodiversity are currently experiencing human induced pressures that threaten the long viability and ability to support resilient community livelihoods and future development which he said is being sparked by political crisis.

He cited the pollution of environment, wildlife poaching and trafficking, and climate change as real threats to natural resources that need an urgent attention to protect the biodiversity and conserve wildlife. It is a collective responsibility for all the people across the country.

Srikumar Menon, the Indian ambassador to South Sudan stressed the need to promote global wildlife awareness to stop endangering animal species and conserve other natural resources.

He said Africa as a continent and more especially South Sudan is vulnerable in climate change and is experiencing threats of resources exploitation by the growing conflicts.

Ambassador Menon described South Sudan as very rich country endowed with natural resources and beautiful ecological units for all wild animals and other animal species, which attracts tourists to invest in the country.

He encouraged the people to conserve the natural resources, protect environment and adhere to the principles of managing all the resources effectively.

With beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, South Sudan has natural resources that could bring foreign exchange and boost the country’s economy. But the country’s civil war which erupted in 2013 has prevented the tourism industry from developing.

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