The warning from Central Equatoria State to the organized forces to stop illegal logging is not something new that will change act of those illegal cutting down trees without giving a hoot and a holler. The National Ministry of Environment has and again sounded the warning over the illegal logging and charcoal burning in the forest which was detrimental to forest protection.It is not only logging that is being the issue here. The issues who are behind the activities. Who is protecting the loggers and why. The original timbers from Africa are like hot cakes in the world market. Does logging and charcoal burning goes together or what is their relationship. Trees must be protected and if need be those cutting them down must be licensed to do so and with conditions well placed before the exercise is taken. The law of the country is very clear and that warning sounded from Central Equatoria should be sounded by all states and the national government to protect forest areas where the trees are. This should be in the list priorities and given mandatory attention to help curb the climate threat being created by some people who do not have the future of the country at heart. Common law demands that cut one plant two so that even the future generation would have something to refer to. The country stand to be told who is behind the logging and who is behind the charcoal deal which has extended to the neighbours and Middle East. These cannot be the act of some small men but involved senior people who knows their way around and have international business touch. A question do they really care about the future of the country apart from making their pocket full. These act are criminals and should face the law if the offenders are found guilty. Forest warders should be deployed to help in the fight.

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