It should be appreciated that the government has taken to spraying airports and main entry border points to combat the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic which is tearing the world apart. What should not be left to chances are the small border points where reports are indicating that some people had turned them into business haven by bringing in and out those whose status have not been checked by the medical authorities. In short there are reports of human smuggling in and out of the country through these uncontrolled border points. Indeed there are people who really want to come home but they should follow the right channel instead of using money through some agents to bring them back home. There is no use coming with the disease which poses danger to one’s life instead of going through the required procedures. Security must be kept tight at these suspected illegal entry points and those found to be behind the business or human trafficking  be dealt with accordingly. They should be made to understand the danger they are exposing the country to. Above all they should know that illegal entry whether one is a citizen or not is a crime by itself. The law enforcement should be alert that coronavirus or COVID’19 is a killer disease and no medicine or vaccine has been laboratory tested for its cure. Vigil must be put in all possible places and there must be readiness to fight and contain the possible spread. The public must remain obedient to the measures which have been put in place for prevention and protection. It should not be taken with light gloves at a time when the dreaded virus is threatening to wipe the world. The security organ should remain vigilant on those breaking the order without intimidation or use of force against members of the public.

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