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Ignorance blamed for HIV rise in Bor

A sex worker in Jonglei state has accused citizens of a sharp spike of HIV infections in Bor town as the state government is trying to curb the spread of the virus through mass campaign.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, one of the sex workers in Bor town who requested for anonymity for fear of discrimination said most people who come to them for sex are ignorant about the use of condoms.

“These people are supposed to be blamed for the increase of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Bor because majority of them don’t want to use condoms,” she said.

She said most of the customers come when they are under the influence alcohol and when we tell them to use condoms they start harassing us.

The 35 year old lady said the economic crisis is alarming, “I often sell commodities in the market during day time and night I go for prostitution in order to raise some money to support myself and the family”.

According to her, though their intention is not to infect people with STDs, many people who come to them in the lodges where the sex business take place always harass them to stop the idea of using condoms.

She said people must always adhere to the doctors’ advice in regards to use of condoms if one cannot abstain, saying the  public should be keen on HIV/AIDS since it is real and a deadly disease.

Meanwhile, the Acting director for HIV Commission in Jonglei state Anyuon Atem agreed with the statement made by the sex worker. He said most of the people in Bor town are ignorant about HIV.

Atem added that the Commission will continue to persuade the locals until they understand the importance of life that is free from HIV.

According to Bor state Hospital Center of Voluntary Counseling and Testing,cases of HIV infections is alarming in Bor town compared to the previous years’ data.

HIV is commonly spread through sexual contact with an infected partner. It can be prevented through abstinence, being faithful to one partner, or the use of condoms.

By Majur Chol Khor

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