IGGA -Urges hold-out groups to down arms

By John Agok

The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga calls for peace and reconciliation in the New Year as he appreciates the ‘Together for Peace Concert’ and the performing artists that historically brought our youths to converge for peace in the country.

Speaking to media in his office, Dr. Igga called for forgiveness, peace and reconciliation in the coming year and urged hold-out groups to lay down their arms and join the peace process in the country. He also urged youths to continue conducting the same kind of events which bring together a good number of youths in the name of peace.

“Let the year 2021 be for peace and reconciliation for all of us. Talks are now going on among political stakeholders in efforts to make us united and to be prosperous,” Dr. Igga said.

Dr. Igga also called upon the youth to lay down their weapons and embrace peace for all.

He emphasized on youth unity for peace concert and urged the youth to continue conducting the same events at least once a year.  

“I really appreciate the promoters especially the group lead by K2 promoter and John Bagara the hit maker of most uniting song of peace in the country this year. I encourage youths to continue conducting such peace concert events, if not twice every year, then it should be once every year,” he said.

However, the sponsor of Diamond Platinumz Miss Achai Wiir showed her commitment to more international artists to perform in South Sudan in a bid to promote peace in the country.

“We are interested in artists who are headliners and just to attract the huge crowd of youths together for peace. This is to attract investors also in our country that has been negatively branded as violent and warring society, but now we proved them wrong as Diamond himself attested to the outside world,” she explained.

Last week at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum, hundreds of thousands especially young people attended the Together for Peace show where Diamond Platinumz awed fans. Platinumz’s crew was dressed SKM T-shirts and he shouted out “Salva Kiir for Peace”.

Kiir addressed the crowd cautioning youths to distance themselves from politicians that incite them to ignite violence for their political interest, echoing that, their time is over and the young people’s future is still bright.

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