Igga calls for unity among SPLM members

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Vice President for Economic Cluster who is also the SPLM Deputy Chairman, Dr. James Wani Igga has called on all the SPLM members to unite and work together so as to put an end to the crisis in the country.

This was made during the opening of the two days Central Equatoria State SPLM political symposium under the theme “Rejuvenating the SPLM in Central Equatoria State in readiness to manage the new political dispensation.

“What SPLM must do right now is to start preaching the gospel of the peaceful co-existence, unity, working together and development this is the gospel we must preach to the people in the country.”

“If we do not preach the gospel of peaceful co-existence, unity, togetherness and development our boat will sink,” Igga advised.

He stated that to do that successfully, it must start right from the grassroots level saying most of the communities where the communal fighting is happening it makes it difficult for SPLM to move forward with the development in the country.

He revealed that for South Sudan to realize everlasting peace, there is need for the SPLM who is the ruling party to do the right thing that people expected from the government which is peace in the country.

He added that the most important was to get people out of the poverty and hunger that people are going through adding that if the hunger is going to continue like it is right now, then the ruling party should be careful.

“It is we to show the road, but the slogan we the SPLM members are using that we brought the independent, yes you brought the impendent so what, people do not eat independent, they eat food but if there is no food what will they do? So they may throw your independent through the widow,” he said.

The objective of the political symposium is to lay down basis of renewal and restoration of faith and confidence in those SPLM cadres whose faith in the party has gone low because of the seven years of turmoil that engulfed the Country including;

The strategies the SPLM should adopt to manage the Transitional Period, in terms of strengthening its position within the State, wining the trust and the support of the State citizens to sustain power in the post transitional period.

How the SPLM Party will Manage the psychological dilemmas and welfare of its members who are likely to remain out of government as positions are going to be so limited caused by challenges created by provisions of the Peace Agreement on power sharing.

How SPLM will operate and manage its affairs in the Counties allocated to the opposition groups according to the power sharing arrangements misunderstandings among ourselves? This symposium is calling us to restore unity of purpose of the SPLM Members.

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