IGAD vows to resolve States deadlock

By: Opio Jackson

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Special Envoy for South Sudan, Ambassador Dr. Ismail Wais said although the number of the states is one of the difficult issues, the mediator has no choice but to hit the road to the end and find solution.

With only twenty six days remaining to the end of the 100 days pre-transitional period extended, Dr. Ismail said, “We believe if the remaining days can be used effectively and efficiency. If the parties are all committed and they do all what is required of them and they have the interest of their people, I don’t doubt that they will find solution.”

Speaking to Juba Monitor last Friday, Dr. Ismail admitted that the number of states is one of the difficult issues, but said it is one of the issues where they could test the political will of the politicians.

Earlier, the Deputy President of South Africa David Mabuza, after failing to have the parties agree on the number of states, proposed to refer the matter for arbitration to IGAD and the African Union.

The proposal entails referring the issue of the number of states to the arbitration committee to comprise the African Union’s C 5—South Africa as Chair, Algeria, Chad, Nigeria and Rwanda— the three Troika countries — US, the UK and Norway, and IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan. The committee was to complete its task in 90 days that will go into the transitional period.

However, both the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) led by Dr. Riek Machar and the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) led by Dr. Lam Akol, rejected suggestions by the South African Deputy President David Mabuza to have the matter go for arbitration for 90 days, which would be long after the formation of the transitional government.

Dr. Ismail said that the Deputy President of South Africa David Mabuza has not given up as he was still doing consultation with all the political parties.

“All parties are asking for time for consultations and we granted this time for consultation,” he said.

“They are still for consultations and whatever the say to the press here and there is not relevant. The engagement of IGAD is still going on and we have time up to the end of the pre-transitional period,” the IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan Dr. Ismail said.

“What we are interested in is not the time but the outcome and the result we achieve on the way to the last day. We are working hard but frankly speaking politicians are there to depend their political positions and the mediators are there to find solutions to those problems,” he added.

Dr. Ismail said they were aware that the people of South Sudan were tired of this political game and they deserve a government of national unity that would provide them with the required services including security and economic recovery.

He appealed to all friends of South Sudan who can contribute to support peace in the country not to give up.

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