With all due respect, IGAD should come out clearly and tell the country what they really mean. Not all of us understand the word revitalize as it has other meanings. In this context, we believe the regional body was calling back to the table the signatories to the initial peace agreement. Why not like their own, JMEC which has accepted failure in their mandated mission to the country. We are not for this or that but this country needs honest and truth to ensure it came out of its long sufferings. We need to be told by these regional organs if they have failed or are still trying to nature some positive moves for the well-being of our country. They are on sponsorship by goodwill donors who are injecting money for peace to come to our country. Instead of holding expensive meetings and conferences on our behalf for peace, if they are unable then let our own National Dialogue take effects of solving our own problems. We are being told that if we take this kind of action then we might render so many jobless including the so called big brothers, but as a country there comes a time when we must take our own decision. We must chat our own cause of life notwithstanding the consequences instead of waiting to be smeared with oil which at the end is not fit for human body. The truth of the matter; let our leaders not to be held in outsiders’ custody. They can chat our own ways without these outside players who have been in our midst for a long time without coming out with a permanent solution to our problems or scoring the winning goal in our favor. This time now we need to move forward as a country with cherished peace, love and forgiveness. These

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