IGAD Council of Ministers who have been meeting in the capital Juba, came with a joint communique over the agreement to tackle the current political impasse facing the country. We can only sing halleluiah because all what this country and the leadership have been advocating for is just what the council of Ministers composed of Foreign Affairs docket agreed to tackle. However, it should be noted that a number of IGAD mooted actions have not, if any been felt on the ground effectively. The Juba meeting is a follow-up to that of the IGAD Heads of States in which the council was directed to act expeditiously to have plan of action in place for the settlement of peace in this country. We should not have too much talking. It is time to act and that is what the regional bloc brothers can do immediately to our country. For how long shall we be holding talks which are not solving our domestic problems and needs? There are those out there who do not have shelters, food for themselves and families, peace to plan their future and skyrocketing prices of basic commodities. These people need IGAD to come up with positive measures for the sake of the citizens who are really yearning for this precious moment called peace. We have to give it to them and through serious deliberations and commitments we could have achieved this cause by this time. Other key players should join the presidency and the leadership to articulate this move for our benefits. It is pointless to have meetings after meetings in and outside the country which does not bear fruits. The fruit of our labour should be seen in the midst of the society not on our own. This country needs contributions from all of us with goodwill and honest approach to save our people. Let us all join hands and let IGAD be felt to be biting not toothless.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo




We all value and cherish our employments. Some of us like SaTP can guard his zealously and be noted that they have gone out of their ways just to do that. That is the situation of our common friend this week. Unknowingly to us this man has so many ways of survival. This time he became a spokesman for a national organization which had been in limbo of leadership for a very long time and had even made our corruption docket rock up in the international arena. Without knowing, the guy had decided to make some cash off-line or in football, it is called off-side his usual assignment. He had taken over a national function to be the only spokesman and the only one. This was the guy who is going to be the mouth-piece of a national club and would be liaising with the forth-estate from time to time. On learning of this enormous responsibility our own had landed without shaking-off his present position, taking or assignments, we became weary lest the boss come to know after all we all need to get something to supplement our meager income considering the current economic path we are faced with. SaTP’s problem was one he under-rated the current authority of his boss. The boss had been informed and was only watching the man’s next move. And he did it stupidly. He was in the forefront ushering in the packed soccer field in readiness for national assignment. He made one silly move that almost caused him his original and permanent job. When a fellow colleague of his profession was mercilessly beaten in the hands of reportedly some security agents. By whose authority, no one can tell. But one thing remain clear, SaTP came out to tell us that the person who was clobbered was not officially on duty and was not listed with accreditation. Which also indicates how some of our own if true, are misusing their positions and respect they command in the society. If it is true, members of the fourth estate should desist from these kinds of activities because they are the watch-dog of the public in national and social matters. It is not too much to go into your pocket and pay services which are not in your usual docket that day. For SaTP he played his game to the neck while easing his neck out of the noose which was almost tightening. He saved his neck but silently the boss is watching so do not sleep in a Vono (spring) bed before getting Silentnight mattress.


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