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IGAD launches conflict early warning book

Gamal M.A GoraichAmbassador of the Republic of Sudan to South Sudan

By Yiep Joseph

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) with its wing CEWARN yesterday launched a book titled“Conflict Early Warning in the Horn: CEWARN’s Journey”.

The book contains conflict early warning and prevention modules to be used by the government, diplomats, academia, civil society and citizens to prevent further conflict in South Sudan and Africa at large. 

The event brought many institutions together such as the Ministry of peacebuilding, the South Sudan Peace Commission, IGAD, the African Union,RJMEC, CTSAMVM, UNMISS, Civil Society, academia among others.

In his speech during the event yesterday, Mr. CamlusOmogo, Director for conflict early warning and response Mechanism (CEWARN)said that the launch would help the stakeholders to urgently join hands in peacebuilding and conflict prevention in South Sudan.

“We believe this national launch event will provide an opportunity to bring together key institutions engaged in peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and conflict prevention efforts in South Sudan for a joint reflection around coordinating our efforts and envisioning collaboration around strengthening national peace structures,” Omogo said.

“This is particularly for South Sudan, given the complexity of the country’s human security challenges. Strengthening national peacebuilding and conflict prevention structures remains a key to achieving and sustaining peace in South Sudan” he added

He called on the stakeholders to embrace peace in the country.

He said that the book provides necessary information that could be used by stakeholders to prevent further conflict in the horn of which South Sudan is inclusive.

Meanwhile, Minister of Peace Building Stephen Par Kuol cautioned African Leaders to keep an eye on the African politic particularly the election in Kenya in order to prevent conflict.

“There is an election in Kenya but as now there is a need to respond to some of the issues that may arise when they are still” Par paid.

He stated that the region (Horn of Africa) has a lot of conflicts that need a lot of intervention from the leaders.

“Our region needs an urgent intervention because there will be time this region shall have no single country in Peace” He said.

He emphasized on early prevention of conflict as the only way to rescue people of South Sudan.

Prof Joram M. Biswaro, Head of the African Union Mission to South Sudan called on the stakeholders to put more efforts in conflict prevention and early response,citing that prevention is better than cure.

“Early warning is meaningless unless there is Early response” Joram Said.

He added that African Union has some of the Avenues designed to prevent and respond to conflict issues in South Sudan

Joram added that the Union is committed to bring peace to South Sudan and Africa at large.

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