The regional block IGAD is mandated to oversee the new transformation in the country leading to peace and the unity government to be put in place. That parties to the peace agreement have agreed for the extension is not in the domain of questions being advanced from different quarters. What is perturbing is the on-going mix statements that seem not to be so clear to both IGAD and supplementing key players in the process including the African Union. The latter is among the supplementary in the continent and above. However, latest reports pitting AU against single or section of parties to the agreement is somehow misconceived because following the audio of the statement in the print and electronic media at no time did the AU representative Amb. Prof Joram M. Biswaro singled out a particular party to the agreement as being an obstacle to the process. What the Ambassador said was to call upon all parties to the agreement to honour the extended period of the agreement to enable the formation of the unity government within 100-day period of extension. It beats all logic why a particular party should take it upon itself to feel aggrieved. This is being out of context and may delay the expected time frame of the formation. It is not in our domain to stand or point a finger at an individual or an institution but where the truth is being coined to portray a different image of picture, the truth must be brought to being. It is the belief of each and every one that the citizens are tired of dancing to round tune of the unending music. There must be a break and that break must be truthful not coined or insinuated remarks which could only prolong the suffering of the general public. Let sober minds lead the process to its success not with twisted or self centred interests. The country needs lasting peace to be able to carry out its national obligations.

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