IGAD act now: Silence the guns in S. Sudan

IGAD will be having extraordinary Summit tomorrow in Ethiopia on the country’s political crisis. This extraordinary summit came at right time. The trend of violence is renewing. Increase of armed violent against main roads to Juba has increased and mainly civilians are the target. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization is petitioning IGAD head of states Monday 12th June, 2017 summit to reach concrete practical actions on finding solution to South Sudan political crisis. The usual business of having summits and end up with press statements without practical follow up need to end in IGAD approach of handling political crisis

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director says this IGAD extraordinary summit of 12th June, 2017 if failed to securing commitment of the warring parties on permanent ceasefire; it will be one of the strong indicators that demonstrate IGAD failure in handling South Sudan political crisis.  IGAD have to stand firm in demonstrating strengthen to the South Sudan warring parties that non-violent approach for resolving political crisis within IGAD region is the best approach by putting pressure on the warring parties to accept permanent ceasefire.

Without silencing the guns now, any attempt for political settlement of the political crisis cab easily be disturbed even spoil by any armed group. For instance, the declared national dialogue or implementation of Agreement on resolution of conflict in South Sudan cannot procedure effectively if still the guns are on action. Further humanitarian assistance is disturbed too as long as the guns are on.  Silencing the guns first in South Sudan offers greater opportunity for creating conducive environment for any political approach for settling South Sudan political crisis. Mr. Yakani stressed

CEPO is urging South Sudan warring parties to know that the primary responsibility of making South Sudan peaceful and stabile is upon their shoulders. So politicking too much around reaching non-violent approach for resolving the on-going political crisis is a clear demonstration of attitudes of love for power and careless for the lives and properties of the citizens.

Finally, CEPO calls upon IGAD summit to be more action-orientated on the agenda of silencing the guns first, create humanitarian favorable delivering condition and pick up inclusive political process under use of non-violent approach for securing political solutions.

CEPO Press Release

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