Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Reports that captured the headline of Juba Monitor were the expected arrival of top dignitaries from the USA and South Africa. They were on their way to Juba to join the deliberations on the peace process. The USA delegations, although not revealed at first could not be far from the facts of life that they wanted to understand the proceedings and the progress of the peace restoration. These were major occurrences which bring to reality that something good was indeed going on around us. Somewhere, however, there was an appeal by the Chamber of Commerce deputy chairperson Losidik Lukak Legge for peace to come and stay home with the people of this country. One thing, Legge is a renowned and organized businessman. The seat he is holding is equally vibrant in the business circle. This brings home what the Chamber of Commerce could have done long time ago. They should have been making the loudest sound and noise because of the business interests they represent in and outside the country. It is one institution which should be deeply involved to ensure peace was attained in all parts of the country because of their members who are supposed to be in every part of this nation. They say “better late than never”. The Chamber has come out to shout peace although we can understand that there are many ways in which they may have been involved in the peace exercise. The world and investors can only be convinced when they hear and know that one of the investors mouth like the chamber was giving the correct information. Such should be the calling of each and every one who has the love of this country at heart. Many are giving lip services to the country instead of helping in shaping its destination. They will pick on any trivial issue to make it sound as if it was a new discovery for their selfish end. The truth should be that those who are in this category should not be trusted and should be left to sleep with minds wondering in the wilderness. But those who have seen reasons should come in the open and join Lukak and his like-minded fellow to bring everlasting peace to the people of this country. We could be having different ideas and thinking. The most important one is to have the country and people in every thinking mind. If all efforts were directed towards this goal, there could be minimal delay in realizing the important goal of economic stability and prosperity. If all these people, including the USA, the latter who has been a critic number one of this country can beat about turn to support the peace process, why do you want to remain in isolation. It is time to take stock of what this country requires of you. Stand up and be counted with the majority. It is said that “if you can’t beat them, join them”.    

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