If we were united with one ideology

By: Akol Arop Akol

The first thing humans must do in order to work together is unity in minds or opinions and after that, the unity of being together in one place becomes the second.

A long time ago South Sudanese were united by same ideology. Those dispersed to neighboring countries and far continents cohabited with one another.

All their unity, love and care were strengthened by the name ‘’South Sudanese.’’ They did not mind the tribe or states which they belong. They all knew they were one people.

That unity in mind brought people together, to live as one and shared things. As the political and economic crisis came unexpectedly, division happened and cut the relationships and almost erased the patriotism from people’s heart.

Having love for the fellow people and the country become rare thereafter. People think one or the other is a rival and this is because the unity that connected our minds and the pride for being called South Sudanese have today become a shame to those who couldn’t withstand World’s views about their country.

The same politicians started the political war that has resulted into something destructive. It is therefore interpreted into different meanings and the top leaders are the ones trying now to unite people again.

They are trying their best to understand the issues that caused the conflict and the suitable solutions to end fighting and bring lasting peace. They are also trying to unite people who have been divided and scattered into other countries as refugees to come back home and start their lives again.

But those IDPs still are not sure whether the environment is safe or not, and if they can have something to eat and houses where they would live in.

Another challenge is getting a job as most of them lost their work and personal businesses during the war.

The first thing to be done is to bring people together with common idea or view, they need to be reconciled. Having been already traumatized and living with grievances, it is very difficult to convince them.

Living in the camps where there are no jobs, sleeping in unsafe shelters and fears of being attacked at night by night gangs are all threats that cannot let residents affected by war live in peace.

Some people have already been misinformed and transformed. They have turned against the diversity and only see other people as their enemies.

Everyone is thinking and behaving differently. What was binding us together in the past does no longer exist. People who like division have turned to abuse cultures and norms of others and as they act in defense of their values, the conflict then divided them apart.

If we were able to think alike with common understanding, we shall be able to address our problems. Unity is the strength that can let us live together. Defending our integrity is our role, to proudly say we are South Sudanese.

But there is no common idea that makes us think as one people. We have made our clans and ethnic divisions more important than the country where we forget that South Sudan is a place that accommodates us all.

For us to think alike, war must be ended and the victims of war need to be supported. Forgiveness and reconciliation should always be our campaigns in order to restore peace and the broken harmony that existed among us.

We should have in mind that we are one people, historically and geographically.

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