If we have professionals (Part 3)

By Akol Arop Akol
I am a writer who shares ideas with the public that may help people outside there in one way of life or another. Writing is part of the little things am doing for my country at my young age and standard of life, but I know there are more experienced and specialized professionals whose careers are mentioned here, they know the role they supposed to play for and the nation.
I still ask myself how many activists have existed before and after the independence, have they not got experiences of professional activism such that they would try to play their roles to address current issues.
We know our country has a lot of problems which existed before independence, and more are being added.
In the past, we had unbalanced leadership, inequality in job opportunities, unequal development, religious conflict among others which were triggering question as to why our great politicians took up arms to fight for the separation which successfully resulted into establishment of an independent country South Sudan with hopes that there will be freedom, education, enough jobs and competent leadership.
Yet we have come and added more fuel into the fire which caused the outbreak of conflicts forcing more refugees into the camps where they lack basic needs such as shelter, adequate food, clean drinking water, medication and affordable education for their children.
They always find life so difficult that they sleep with worries and wake up without hopes for tomorrow. They are not sure whether they will survive or not, whether they will again be displaced or not.
But why do we have to complicate life for our people? Where will the elderly, women and young children go if their indigenous land is not peaceful?
When life continues being unbearable for them, some young people try crimes while hopeless mothers (widows) are tempted to give up in life, or even worse, resort to prostitution or commit suicide.
We have heard news about a woman who committed suicide sometimes back in the camp because she lost her refugee ID which enabled her get food items distributed to the refugees.
If we are to ask ourselves, is that the life we dreamed of? How long shall we continue living as second-class citizens in our motherland?
People live like they will shift somewhere tomorrow, they curse that if the world is this unfair, then there is no reason to be born. God is watching and He will touch the hopeless souls because He has no intention of leaving His own creatures to suffer from man-made pandemic.
One day, people who are crying will wipe their tears and laugh in joy forever. Time will come when peace shall prevail in our country. But who is responsible for bringing peace? It is a collective work of our people, both the civilians and politicians.
We must know that we need peace no matter our different occupations. In offices, schools, churches or markets, we need peace which will unite us together and we do things that will develop the county.
Many people have died, others are wounded with either one eye, hand or limb missing. A vast number of orphaned-children and widowed-mothers are left with no hopes because their husbands were killed during the conflicts and no one is supporting them, instead, they continue to suffer.
Children who are supposed to go to school and study for a better future have unwillingly turned into beggars on streets, asking for help at bus parks, eating little leftover meals at restaurants. Women only prepare local wines to earn a living where they or their children sometimes end up drinking too.
In the name of liberation, we did the separation but we are now adding more destruction. Cultural pride, traditional beliefs and ideological concepts have encouraged injustices such as greed for wealth, struggle for power, nepotism, favoritism, tribalism and hatred.
Would anyone expect the young ones not to inherit corruption? Where will they see good examples to follow? They will also be corrupt because they see bad deeds from their seniors.
Where are the politicians that liberated us and where are those whom they have inspired with their legacies? Have they betrayed us?
I always say leaders are like drivers and civilians are like passengers. They know where they are going but they only sit in the car to be driven.
In fact, our leaders have become the problem causers instead of being the preventers and solvers of our national problems. Why can’t get atleast five strong politicians who have sound minds and common visions to make a better South Sudan?
Maybe they are there but they and their clans or groups believe that being in politics is all about favoring one’s relatives, also as a power to be important than others and chance to consume public belongings for oneself or one’s community while ignoring the national or public interests.
Sounding-mind politicians can bring solutions to the political crisis by finding out the root causes of the conflicts, address the economic problems and be able to deliver services to the civil population.
The grievances of war victims would be wiped away through dialogue, reconciliation and forgiveness. Peace Ambassadors should preach peace messages and bring people together. In this way, the country can attain a lasting peace.
If there are five strong doctors in the country, our children will not easily die of treatable diseases and women would not die during birth. Our people can also have surgery and successful operations within the country instead of travelling abroad expensively and sometimes come back when they are no more.
The doctors can professionally treat the sick affordably or freely especially for the victims of war. They can also do counseling and trauma healing for children, youth and the elderly.
But because we misuse our knowledge, the suffering continues. Are there no professionals capable to make changes in this Country?

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