If we could revise this country’s history

By Agar Mayor Gai

The saying that “where you stood in your youth hood or old days, determines your present stand in the society”, is almost forgotten or undermined in this country. Someone may structurally argue that a country cannot be judged by history.

The reverse of the adage is actually true, the end result or the present in most cases can be used to draw the picture of the past. But in this country, if we dare to do so, we are likely to attain different results which do not rhyme with our current situation. What might have happened that the most approved way of picturing the past or future cannot work in our country? Is it the adage which is only limited to a certain scope of life or it is our elders who are reluctant to tell the young ones about our history?

Surely, we must have the elders of this nation to blame for the different end results. They lived as brothers and sisters of the same nation, they struggled together for nearly four decades since the independence of Sudan in 1956 for the Southern region to have a voice and benefit from the resources of the country. They wanted their roads constructed, hospitals and schools built. And when their demand was not worked on by the Khartoum government, they together requested for an independent South Sudan. Fortunately, in the year 2011, this country was declared as an independent nation with them, the elders being in charge of everything in their new territory.

However, as the time went on, things have gone so awry that they do not even remember the forests they crossed together, they do not remember the time when one was wounded and the other had to carry his brother from another tribe to a safer place where the enemy would not find him.  All this good history of their struggle, they have forgotten and think of themselves as enemies who cannot work together for the general progress of this nation.

With their new spirit and belief, we, the young generation have blindly followed the path of our elders. This path, however, has misled the young people to believe that corruption, nepotism and tribalism if not practiced, we cannot prosper as individuals.

The appeal to the young is that, if we could revise this country’s history, we can surely produce the end results which rhyme with the past about this nation. And fortunately, we are capable of doing this task. We have the right sources of this history. There are few people outside there who have lived through this time and they are always ready to give the right information. The elders, however, have to cease to mislead but instead create the spirit of self-centrality in the young people. The old might be gone tomorrow or sooner and the ones to remain in your ill makings are the coming generation. It is good never to leave the young in problems.

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