If we are united

By Agar Mayor Gai

I wonder what brings the tribal partitions in this country. We, as I speak, live, eat and work based on our tribal or regional backgrounds. The people without military or political power have hardly anything to put on the table, this is a bitter truth. This is the tragic moment that has hooked the disadvantaged and the downtrodden who are in the dark on when they will get out of the debacles.

It is as if South Sudan is the only nation hosting more than one tribe. But surely not, we have our neighboring countries and beyond which are just like us. They have many tribes with their vast different cultures but these countries, though not entirely united and peaceful, have shown to the world what it means to have many tribes.

They do not kill, hate or rape just because the other ones are from a certain clan or tribe. They have realized and known that their being in one nation means a lot to them. And thus, they have kept up to their mission of being peace makers in this world. This is shown in the way countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, though with people of different backgrounds, have kept unity and are making sure that their country see and realize real peace and unity.

So, what does this mean to you and I? Can it be true that this people of the West have a thing which keeps them united as the name suggests and we do not have? This is not really true and it will never be right that the Americans and the British have anything special which we do not have in this country. There may be a little difference in the way we have shaped our societies. And this is true for the fact that, in this country, we value our individual selves more than the country. To the contrary, in the West, the country comes first and then the individual interests follow

This habit or setting in the western systems has shaped their populations in a way that do not allow any room for disunity, corruption and self-centrality and thus, they are untied and working for the progress of their nations. To have a reflection, it is paramount to concede that those countries mentioned were once upon a time at the current stage of South Sudan.

Our duty should be that of promoting unity, peaceful coexistence and hard work such that when we are given a national duty, we do it to the best of the country’s expectation and need.

If we are united as one people with one heading, we can remarkably do to the will and interest of the local people. There would be no cattle rustling, road ambushes and ill talks against one another. And what is the end result of unity and peace? It’s the prosperity and building of a world class state where all the other nations would wish to be. Why not get ourselves united now? The earlier we have this unity, the more we become resistant to war, failureness and illiteracy.


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