If parties agreed ,2023 election is possible -UN

By Yiep Joseph

South Sudan general election for 2023 as per the agreement is possible if parties to the agreement agreed.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the special representative of the secretary general, Nicholas Haysom    said that the 2023 election is possible if the parties to the agreement agreed and work together.

“If all the parties work together and indicate a political will necessary for election to be done then it can happen” Nicholas said.

He emphasized that a lot of work has to be done by political parties for election to occur in the country. 

“For election to happen; institutions have to be created, the country has to be prepared for election from top to bottom from east to west” he expressed.

“a lot of work is required to prepare the country for election, also the political parties themselves and the other stake holders need to agreed how exactly will the election run depending on the aspiration of the people of South Sudan” Nicholas expressed.

He called on the South Sudanese to agree on necessary conditions for elections.

“It is really a decision for South Sudanese to decide how inclusive and what conditions they want to hold the election” he said.

He called on the parties to the agreement to speed up some part of the agreement necessary for election.

He said that UNMISS support they agreement which was signed by all parties

Nicholas expressed that elections are expensive to run.

“elections are complicated businesses logistically; distribute ballots boxes, collect ballots, transport system to move the ballots” he explained.

Nicholas mentioned that UNMISS is willing to reduce possibility of Violence at the time of election

“we want to limit the possibility of violence before the election, during the election and after the election “he said.

He called on South Sudanese to own and believe in the agreement and its implementation.

we have been telling people to believe in peace agreement, it is South Sudanese to implement the agreement not UNMISS but we are there to help in the implementation.

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