If opposition parties could have solutions

By Agar Mayor Gai

Our nation as most of us know is facing unprecedented challenges and nearly nothing is flowing without hurdles. In the midst of these challenges whose cause I cannot genuinely tell, everyone claims to have the right and reliable source of the problems. On streets, if we make a research about the opinions of the local population, we will find that they have more weaknesses to tell about the government than solutions to the country’s problems.

Here’s the thing though, the fact that we are able to state the failures of the other person or party is not necessarily an indication of one’s success at the expense of the other. This means no matter how knowledgeable you are about the weaknesses of another, you can do more than just criticism.

It can be of our own good and significance if we could add solutions to our claimed knowledge about the root cause of the country’s problems. At this time, the local population is not interested in knowing the root cause of the problem but rather, they want their agonies, sufferings and tears wiped off their faces.

This is what you and I who claim to have seen and felt the suffering in this country need to look in to such we take actions to turn around our country. It makes little sense for a person who claims to love peace to vilify the country on international media. Some try to incite the young patriots via social media platforms.

As I said earlier, I do not know and cannot really state the reason for the suffering of the local people but I know that if we stop claiming to know, we can surely bring lasting peace on this land. Let us not even bother ourselves to blame one another even if we are very sure that they are the ones failing the nation.

Our duty for this matter should be that of love and a feeling that our peaceful being depends on each individual citizen of this country. This means that among the things which can bring peace and prosperity to our nation, love tops the list. With love, our thoughts and actions encircle care and responsibility for the interests and needs of others. And by so doing, the only contribution we give in nation building is that of positivity.

To put it more precisely, criticism should not be blunt but rather constructive. And for that matter, if opposition parties and their apologists could have solutions, constructive criticism should be part of it.

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