If only we love Africa

By Ngor Khot Garang

No human being has a clue why God put us here, maybe you didn’t choose to be born in a war torn country in the world with low miserable life expectancy. You didn’t choose to be raised in a land where hardships and meager basic necessities are the norm. If God were to ask you to choose where to live, you would have definitely chosen a place where human life is valued and respected.

But, it has fallen in your hands and there is nothing you can do about it. Where you are now is where God has placed you and whatever the case, you are the solution provider to any situation you might have found yourself in. Many of us are gifted in one way or the other but they can’t find their purpose because they feel God has placed them in an unfavorable environment or in the wrong place or wrong family which is one of the deceptions that has for long time held us behind and contributed to our backwardness.

A young person even with corona virus is now thinking of where to go to the United States or Canada to study and secure citizenship to live a better life while forgetting that the only reason why they were born in Africa was to make Africa a better place for them and their children. America or Canada was not thrown from Heaven, it was made by the united sons and daughters of those respective countries and now they serves as safe-havens for those who are fleeing atrocities in their countries.

Why does it become hard for us to make our countries better places to live? I think everything about us ‘Africans’ is questionable? The colonization which has dissipated from the minds of those who colonized us is lingering still in our minds. Our slavery is self imposed.

We don’t love or appreciate what belong to us as Africans, our currencies are value less and we don’t produce our food because it will be of inferior quality in the global market. We like killing ourselves and it seems to be like killing is what we cannot live without.

We have businessmen and women but we don’t buy from them, it is Dubai and China that has the best products, the beautiful African art is dying in preference for western cultures. A scientist who is testing his experiments will develop a virus and test it on the black man first because the black man does not value his life. The gun that was invented by a white man is the one reigning havoc in Africa and we are watching them with our eyes wide open to see which country will make major discovery in the 21st century.

Where is Africa now? Is modern slavery not at its peak? We are still carrying the chains of slavery in our minds, if we have not being enslaved, we would have worked for the development not the destruction of Africa? We all know all the major wars are fought maybe to secure a land, what wars are fighting now as Africans?

We have seen the results of our actions and it is high time we rediscover the faded image of Africa. There is no country in the world that is best known for war than Africa, the world is laughing at us, and other countries are making fun of us through films and art, even amidst a pandemic that has challenged the whole world, Africans are still shedding blood and tears and fire is still burning in Africa.

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