If only Africans love themselves

By: Ngor Khot Garang

The recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa was a symbol of hatred by African against their fellow African.  Isn’t it sad for one family to turn against itself? The South Africans were afraid that their businesses and jobs would be taken by foreigners and they only target fellow Africans, not Asians, not Westerners or Latinos.  It was just a barbaric act by Africans against their own brothers and sisters who went there only to do business and help their families back home with the knowledge that Africa as a continent belongs to Africans and any one can work anywhere regardless of whichever country he came from.

It is not only that Africans hate themselves and their continent but some leaders behave the same way. They hate this country with the people and anything that brings development or glory to Africa and greater good of Africans.   Someone who has traveled to western countries cannot control his tears when he compares our continent with the rest of the world. We are totally behind and even worse we love guns and anything that brings destruction than the continent itself.

Just see our public universities all over Africa and the students they produce because there are no better materials for learning.  We have knowledgeable Africans who studied abroad who could easily change the education system of Africa but where are they?  If am not mistaken, they are teaching abroad because of the fear for their lives and crippling economy. We have young people full of energy who when given a chance, could possibly break the chain of poverty that continues to bite in the flesh of every African. Where are they?  If not in the early graves, they are on a desperate journey in the Mediterranean Sea in quest for a better life abroad.

There is no shortage of Africans who can bring the change we need but we are too busy killing and stealing from ourselves?  What is the gain or the benefit of all these mess we are inviting to such a rich continent like ours?  Where is the spirit of humanity (Ubuntu) and the strong heart of a black man?  Why is it that the issues concerning a black man are the ones trending on the media?  Can’t a black man see he is left behind?  Why not wake up and start running though he would not catch the rest who have gone far?

It is a shame that Africa came into existence with the rest of the continents but act as if it was created yesterday! There is need to love this continent and everything in it.  I thought Africans should have been the first people to appreciate nature for such a wonderful gift but I don’t think if my “why” would ever be answered.  I don’t even know if the gifts of nature could continue to live.

The oil will be no more in times to come if we don’t stop this senseless wars because in the process of fighting someone’s pipes would be busy with the oil. The wild animals are now facing extinction due to continued wars in the African continent.  The soil is losing its fertility due to the fire that burns deep to its core.  What is the future of Africa?  Can we stop this and prescribe a pill for peace?  Just look at the beautiful countries like America, China and Japan.  The people of these countries feel pity and sorry for us.  They know that we are more blessed than them but the realization that we are trying in our power to shake the blessings off is another topic of discussion.

The United States, Asia and Europe have a plan for a successful Africa where life is valued more than anything but does Africa as a continent have a plan for itself? Does Africa know her true value and what she is blessed with? The desire of every one is that Africa discover her true potential and become  what it was meant to be but why is the black man punishing his own home?

This is a pity and we all have got a share in the ills that have continued for decades to hold Africa back.  It is only in Africa where people still walk miles with bare foot to get contaminated water to soothe their dry throats.  It is here where you go to bed without an assurance of waking up the following morning.

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