If I were a national servant

Agar Mayor Gai

Though all are meant to be servants of this nation, not all get the chance to serve and execute national duties.

But though, the bad thing is that those who get the chance to serve in this nation, are not the ones deemed appropriate for the purpose; that is why, in our national service, we do not register any progress. Just because in our national service, nothing like capability is put in to consideration, we have no single prosperity in any sector.

However, the fact that it is wrong people who get the chance to serve should not stop our struggle for the betterment of this country. The current national servants still have much time to learn the ways to unifying this nation. This is true for the fact that all people can change but only if they have an interest in changing their situation.

And so, if I were a national servant just like others, I would make sure that this country sees the rays of peace from a distance. I would make sure that illiteracy, which is the major cause of our challenges, is uprooted in this nation. I would make sure that diversity in this country is a blessing rather than a curse as it is currently being taken. All these, if I were a national servant, I can effect and make them live such that whoever comes after me will always see and define the personality of me and the nationalistic ways in which I lived my life would always be a foundation for the coming generations.

But though, now that I am young and my presence and views yet to be considered in national matters, it does not mean that no any person can do the same thing. All of us are capable of bringing a positive change to this country. What makes a difference is the ways in which we bring this change. Like from my own point of view, I believe that for any person to bring positivity to this nation, he or she has to have that heart of working for the nation and not for his or her individual interests; that means self-centrality should not have a room in people’s hearts if they want their country to progress and compete with other world nations.

And so, self-centrality, in my own view, can only be got rid of when local people are taught that whatever is in this country belongs to all of us and it makes no sense to steal what you know very well belongs to your own self. So, in that sense, the spirits of corruption, tribalism and nepotism will depart to their world; the world of evil and all sorts of bad things. However, it can also be an individual duty even if not taught at school to always consider the interests and presence of other people and tribes. This is what defines a state, where all people work towards achieving a common goal.

The writer is a student. He is can reached through +211925287767

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