If churches could have same aim

By Agar Mayor Gai

The truth about the church is that its mission is to shape the society in a way which pleases the Creator. It is a group of God’s followers, in whose lives, we are supposed to see Jesus. In other words, the people who are called the church are a representative of God’s government on the planet. They are the servants of the Lord reaching to the people with a helping hand and preaching to them about the composition of God’s constitution, the Holy Bible.

But though, it is not a surprise that, this great commission of the Lord, is now divided in this world. The church is now a distinct commission headed by commissioners of different interests and not God’s. Does this mean that two different people brought the church? Surely not. An organized church should have only a leader and surrounding assistants.

However, the current division of the church is an indication that we have dropped the constitution of the Lord and are using a different one. Had it not been because of that there would not be any disunity among the churches if they were following the same Bible with the same directives of the Lord. Then another question would arise, is it of any good and acceptance by God to go our ways and neglecting the Bible? The scripture has the answer to this question.

Just like most people follow and judge others with reference to the Constitution, it is also God’s design and arrangement for one to follow what the scripture says. The Bible is the Constitution of God’s church or people and we are required that we follow and put in to effect our duties given to us in the scripture. We are here as ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom, and the current division is showing our unwillingness to serve genuinely in the government of God.

Can our country’s embassy in the United States be divided in to two, three or more? This can never happen unless we are divided as different nations. And for that reason, it is useless and evil to divide the church yet the leader, Jesus Christ is never divided. He was, has been and is ever one.

However, the division can be a sign that these churches have different masters and they are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They may be doing their own interests and deceiving the local population in the name of the Lord because if they do not use that name, they would not get a single follower of their own doctrines.

Now with the deceptions, we have not realized any peace of mind, any political and economic progress. We have left our duty of administering to those in need and to the contrary, increasing the pain and the suffering of the local people.

It should therefore, be of information that if this nation wants to see real peace, unity and prosperity, the church must get itself united. If all the churches in this nation or world could have same aim or interest, there would be love, peace and unity. The church, for this matter, can rightly administer its duties if there is unity within.

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