IDPs request to be fulfilled by President Kiir

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

The request by the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) saying that they need their houses to be vacated so that they will come home was genuine a reason to be fulfilled by the concerned authorities.  These IDPs left their houses long time ago with different periods of times.  Some went to the camps during the conflict in 2013, others in 2016 with difficulties they were facing during those years.

Currently, there is peace in the country, before they could come home let their demands be fulfilled to ease their resettlement. It is not a matter of coming home immediately. If they come where are they going to stay? Those people living in their houses need to leave in order for them to occupy their places.

It was clear that majority of these people were soldiers, civilians cannot do anything in terms of asking them to leave. That could be the responsibility of the government to see that those people vacate the houses to allow the owners to use.

On the other hands government should get an alternative for those who occupied the houses. All of them are South Sudanese, they need to settle in their country. For soldiers, the authorities should know where to take their families.  We need these problems to be resolved in a peaceful manner; no force should be used this time. If you are a soldier, you are for civilians; you cannot treat them like enemies.

The issue of security is very important for them as they requested. What made them to leave the country was the matter of insecurity. I hope the government is taking note on the request and should be put in consideration.  The arrangement for their coming should start after providing them with the basic needs. It is not to be done immediately.

Now their children might be in schools, transporting them by this time could not help. Better to wait for the suitable time when most of the things are put in place.  Their safety is one of the priorities to settle and not going back to the camps. We need to bring them once for all. If they are not treated well, some of them may think of going back, which is not helpful at this moment.

Setting good foundation for them could encourage them to love their country and continue living in their respective areas.  That includes building schools to their children, having health centers with good services offered to them.  However, it is time to apply the vision of late Dr. John Garang “taking town to the village” by providing necessary services.

May God bless us all.

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