IDPS received food items

By Wek AtakKacjang

At least more than eight thousands(8000) Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) atKworijikPayam, Juba Countyin Central EquatoriaState have received some assorted food items on Saturday.

The displaced persons were forced out of their homes after internal conflict erupted between Mundari cattle keepers last year.

Speaking to press over the weekend, the Secretary General for KworijikPayam, James Jamie said the 400 bags of flour,19 bags of beans and 16 jerrycans of cooking oil were donated to the IDPs by the Kworijik Community in Diaspora.

“I thankour brothers and sisters who are in Europe, USA and those who are here for their support to these people. Let them keep that good spirit of supporting those who are in need,” Mr. Jamie said.

Nene KenyiLaku, one of IDPS who left Kworijik to Juba said thefood will support the IDPs and motivatethem to come back home.

“Most of the IDPs are lacking sleepingmaterials, and cooking utensils because our properties were taken during the fighting.”

She added thatsomepeople who haven’t come backdo fear due to continuous deterioration of security situations in the area.

“Yes,the food is available butI appealed to state government to resolve the issue of insecurity. We women we are very tired because our children are being killed for nothing,” she said.

Last week, the groups of Community chiefs in Kworijik rejected resettlement of Mundari Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the area.

According to community chiefs letter extend to Juba Monitor last week it indicated that the present of Mundari cattle keepers often destroy their crops as well threatening their harvest when herders move their animals in search for water and pasture because farmers in the area don’t have guns. It is only cattle keepers who are having arms and are making the farmers afraid of them.

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