IDPs in Western Equatoria start returning home

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Hundreds of Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Western Equatoria State have voluntarily started returning to back their homes, the Secretary General of the defunct Amadi State announced.

The IDPs were mostly from Kediba Payam of Mundri East County who thought refuge in Mundri West County in 2016 and some in 2018 clashes.

Speaking during the departure of IDPs on Saturday to their homes, Benjamin Commander Gayos said the IDPs have voluntarily registered to go back to their homes they were forced out to due to war.

“Now the war have ended, your returning home is great news for us and you will not be called IDPs any longer but considered as citizens of indigenous,” Benjamin said.

He stressed that the return of IDPs to their place of origins was the clear indications of peace in the country.

He called on the IDPs to embrace peace among the communities, adding that it was the only way forward for development in the country.

Benjamin also commended the administration of former governor for supporting the internal displaced persons and pledged their readiness to continue to support the IDPs while in their homes.

John Hennery Ngaluma, the SPLM County Secretary for Mundri emphasized that the returning of the IPDs would enable government and the NGOs who are in the State to provide basic services to the population in the area.

“Your return would enable us and NGOs in the Country to provide you with basic needs whenever you need it,” he said.

He further urged the citizens to maintain cordial relationship with the authorities on the ground, and he urged them to forgive and forget and work for the betterment of the Country.

Mr. Samuel Nimeri the representative of IDPs said they are happy to go back but urged government to find better ways of bringing citizens together rather than disuniting people.

“Yes we are called IDPs, but we are forced to be called IDPs through our own government because of their own disunity, but this time we are saying better to united us than dividing us as citizens of this country,” said Nimeri IDPs representative.

Nimeri also called on government, NGOs, and any volunteers to help them as they go back to their homes, saying their shelters were all destroyed.

While the Member of Parliament who represents Kediba Payam in the defunct Amadi State legislative assembly, Joseline Pita called on the community to embrace peace and unity.

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