While it is appreciated that there are organizations out there helping or assisting the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees from all walks, a permanent solution to their future must be found. They are not displaced or became refugees because they wanted. Circumstances beyond their control contributed to their present status. This is why while being assisted, the government should come out with a permanent workable solution to have them settle properly and appropriately in the country they all know as their permanent home. Is there any reason now for these people to remain in their present status when there is already peace being implemented for the good of each and every one? One of the main purposes of the peace agreement is to see to it that all citizens are living peacefully and in conducive environment with full security at their call. It was to be taken by both the national and state operators to protect the interests of the general population. Not otherwise. This is why IDPs and refugees should be accommodated in their original backyards with clear instruction to the grassroots and the national government apparatus to take charge of their safety without winking or favouring a certain section of the divide. The humanitarian and friendly partners  who are really eager and willing to assist these two venerable group could only do so if they help find a lasting solution which is a permanent home to both the IDPs and refugees who are willing to return to their origins. They need peace and they need to fend for their families. This can be one of the possible ways of bringing up their children who are longing for education and a home they call their own. How long should they be help in camps while being denied their heartfelt desires?

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