IDPs decry over food shortage in Yambio

By Baraka John

Thousands of internally displaced persons from Tambura who were sheltering in Yambio County appealed for immediate food assistance as most of them depended on relatives. 

Last month, Relief and Rehabilitation Commission distributed some cards for food rations in Yambio County together with other partners as most of the IDPs were appealing for urgent food assistance to sustain their lives.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Marcelo Diko Mangua, one of IDPs said that they had nothing to eat since they came from Tambura. 

“I do casual work such as cultivating in people’s farm yards, harvesting farm yields just to keep my four wives and eleven children away from starvation.” Diko said.

He added that he survived to feed his four wives and eleven children in that given hard economic situation in Yambio.

Meanwhile,Deputy Coordinator for Yambio County Relief and Rehabilitation CommissionAlbino Jackson said that since the outbreak of conflict in Tambura his office has registered so far that numbered 21,260 IDPs in which at the moment for screening together with issuance of food ration cards. 

“The number of the IDPs keep on increasing, but the current number we have registered is 21,260 individuals who are set to receive food ration soon from the UN-WFP in partnership with World Vision”, Albino stated.

Silivia Daniel Kumbonyeki, hosting seven IDPs in her house, voiced concerns over an increase in budget a mother with her eight family members surviving under her auspices. 

Silvia said she was by then carrying after 15 persons with her meager resource. She appealed for immediate food aid to ease the burden on some of the hosts for the IDPs. 

“I only sell charcoal just to feed the 15 family members with me at home, I don’t have any other source of income, so the money I get from the business of charcoal is insufficient to feed these eight members”, Silivia narrated.

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