Anhier Baai in white and Big Size in Red Top (photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Sabi ana gi ruwa belet is the new song from the talented Kingdom duos of Aniher Baai and Big Size who are using their song to tell idle youth in the city to go back to their villages and take part in Agriculture.

For the youth who have adopted to the city life style of hustling, this might not be the best news for them but Aniar Baai feels it is high time idle youth in the city make a U-turn to their parental village, pick up their hoes and cultivate food for sale.

Anhier Baai while explaining to Juba Monitor about the song said Juba city is full of thousands of youth who are jobless and have ended up in criminal activities to survive.

The singer singled out a speech from President Salva Kiir Mayardit when he telling the youth to end Dependency syndrome in the country.

“Our President even said that the Dependency syndrome in the country is too much, we have youth who are just loitering in the city centers doing nothing productive, they should go to the villages and leave the city for people working,” said Anhier.

Though Anhier understands that majority of the youth in Juba will not buy his idea of telling them to go to the village, the singer revealed that he is planning to engage Juba City Council to deal with lazy youth.

Big Size, the singing partner to Aniher Baai said that as artists they aim at educating the country through their songs.

“I call this ‘edutainment’, we are entertaining and educating at the same time and the message is clear if you are an idle youth in the city, kindly go back to the village and get busy in farming,” said Big Size.

Sabi ana bi ruwa belet meaning my friend I am going to the village’s video is under way as some scenes were shot on Wednesday in Rejaf village to clearly pass the message of the song visually.





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