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Identity hampers prosperity in Africa -Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has cited identity as serious problem in Africa that hinders countries from prospering.

He made these remarks during the swearing in ceremony of the National Dialogue steering committee and the official launch of the National Dialogue in Juba on Monday.

He said in the last fifty years, he had noted three problems affecting Africa; misuse of identity which he described as a very dangerous poison for leaders as they do not understand the problems affecting their countries, prosperity and interest and backwardness in science and technology.

“Africa has been going down in the last five hundred years, it has a lot of problems; slave trade, colonialism, neo-colonialism, marginalization, under development, dictatorship, civil wars, failed states, starvation and refugees,” Museveni said.

He said in some cases the problem of identity in Africa becomes serious and  needed to be addressed.

“To some point identity can be important but I have noted there was a problem of identity in Sudan before separation which could have been solved but to date has not yet been solved,” he said.

“I am not only concerned about identity but prosperity. What will make me, my family and company prosperous?” Museveni asked.

He added that emphasizing on identity and forgetting interests was a big mistake that was responsible for Africa’s colonization. He said African chiefs during that period were too full of themselves as they did not unite Africans.

He applauded President Kiir for initiating the National Dialogue and urged him to resolve the problems that had afflicted the country and revive the SPLM Party.

“Madness in Africa is that the political leaders only think about political and administrative positions, they do not remember the private sectors. They don’t know that if you don’t have a strong private sector the country cannot grow. “When you have a war in a country, the private sector will go away and if it goes away, you will have no money to run the government or to create jobs,” Museveni said.

People should not only think of government positions but the private sector which is scared of war and conflict, he added.

“Wealth comes from the private sector and if you disturb it, there will be no wealth for that country. Violence should not be used in every situation but should be a means of last resort,” Museveni said.

Museveni further called on African leaders to bring to an end impunity, killing, rape and defilement.

By Sasuk Taban

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