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Ibahure and Lohutok communities agreed to co-exist peacefully

By Wek  Atak  Kacjang

The communities of Ibahure and Lohutok in Lafon County of Eastern Equatoria State have signed a peace agreement, ending five years of inter-communal violence between the two communities.

The conflict between the two communities was triggered by the killing of a teacher in 2017, since then, about nine people have died as a result of revenge attacks, and several cattle raided.

The South Sudan Council of Church through the Action Plan for Peace (APP) with support from PAX South Sudan facilitated the dialogue that brought together traditional leader, elders, women and youth from the two payams including the local and county authorities.

During the dialogue, the two communities committed to further promote dialogue, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Resolution and Recommendation.

Politically, the community denounce negative incitement by, “some of their leaders from Torit and Juba.”

They recommended that there should be consultation before their leaders were appointed.

The community further tasked the government to arrest perpetrators of revenge killings and any other crime committed in the area.

On Socio-Cultural, the community recommend establishment of a youth association, and building the capacity of the youth in peace, security and development.

They should refrain from negative historical cultures and traditions and promote culture of peace, love and unity.

While on Justice and Rule of Law,they resolved that there should be compensation for the victims to be facilitated by the Cunty Authority and the state government with reservation from Lohutok community.

Emilio Ayafa Haworu, the Chief of Igure Boma said, “we need peace so that we can stay together.”

Chief Ayafa assured that the conflict is over.

Meanehile, Pasquele Osenger Ori, the Payam Chief of Lohutok said, “i am very happy that this will bring total peace to the communities.”

“It is good that the organization facilitated the dialogue between us, it took us almost four years,” he added.

“My message is everybody should think of the importance of peace because peace is very important. We want the youth to reconcile because I don’t like such things to continue,” the chief further stated. 

Eastern Equatoria State governor, Louis Lobong Lojore promised that the resolutions of the dialogue would be implemented.

Lobong hoped that the two communities desist from all kinds of violence.

For his part, the Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Juba, Stephen Ameyu

“What we need is peace, in fact we know the importance of peace, without peace we cannot get justice, it is only with peace that we can get justice,” he said.

He said the implementation of the resolution will bring justice for the people killed during the violence.

“My appeal is that let us begin to understand the question of peace,” Bishop Ameyu added.

John William the project officer for PAX South Sudan program said they are working with communities and individuals that are trying to end war among themselves and to transform conflict to be able to live in a peaceful manner.

John stated they would continue to support South Sudan Council of Church in realizing the resolutions.

PAX is one of several development partners, donors and well-wishers who support the South Sudan Council of Churches as part of its Action Plan for Peace (APP).

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