Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I totally agree with Edmond Yakani the Executive Director of CEPO for calling on political parties to reach people in the rural areas to disseminate the on-going peace process agenda and still in them the knowledge of the expected formation of the government of National Unity comes next month. This should have been the activities taken not now but when the peace agreement was signed. It is true that a number of political parties operatives get themselves centred in Juba, forgetting that the call out there are from the majority population who lives and reside in the rural areas. A well informed society is easy to understand and accommodate new ideas and happenings. The political parties in the country have people who are well informed politically and who can spearhead preaching the gospel of peace in every corner and have backing on the grassroots. Some parties have lived to the expectation of this, but as my friend Yakani puts it, Juba is not the entire South Sudan where these parties should be seen to be operating and campaigning from. They must take the lead by propagating the peace message. I am a strong believer of peace and in peace. This is the more reason(s) why we support the peace process in its totality and propagate its agenda whenever and whatever time. It is not the preserve of politician alone but must be confronted to its success by all players including the media. Because the media industry can only thrive in the country if and when peace is in its hold. Not less not more. Peace must hold. It is my opinion that when everything is settled after next month, a curriculum on peace education be developed and introduced in lower primary to senior level. This will be a starting point for pupils to start thinking like one family and understand why peace is very necessary in their day today lives. Some pundits may see this as far-fetched or an exercise in futility, but something is better than nothing and indeed no one can measure success without trying. All those who have succeeded at one point failed and kept on trying until success came their way. Nurturing and bringing up a disciplined society is not an easy task and must be collectively undertaken. The more reasons for the molding of the youth to be future role model to other generation to follow. I am optimistic that to bring a country together for the good of all is a collective responsibility which should be tackled by all. It is time these political parties take the lead to the rural-folks and preach only one word. Peace. With this, the rest will just fall into place including socio-political agenda. Yes Edmond, this is the way to take. Juba is not the whole South Sudan where these parties are crowding at the expense of taking their agenda to the people, importantly, peace process.

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