I saw insecurity with luggage exiting Lakes state

By Malek Arol Dhieu

On hearing the appointment of Lt. Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor as the new Governor of Lakes State, the insecurity, which has engulfed Lakes state for years, began packing its belongings and went on its way in search for a sanctuary place like Lakes state. It did not leave quietly but it said, as few as our serving days, I will still come back when a blunt governor is appointed shortly. What I personally understood from its short statement is that, it will charm the appointing authority to relieve the long-awaited solution, Gen. Rin Tueny, sooner because it will never find a better place to conquer like Lakes. As it exits, news is to be passed to all neighboring states to close their gates so that the murderer, I mean the insecurity, finds no accommodation at all. To lock it outside completely, even small quarrels should be immediately addressed so as not to expand to cause havoc because insecurity is like Malaria, it approaches in many funny ways. Why is Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor the solution to this systemic insecurity? Among the army Generals of Lakes State, he and late Amb. MarialNuor are extraordinary not because of their seniority in the SPLA, but because of their undeviating habits from what the government sends them to do, let’s talk facts. Having done that for years during the liberation struggle, the citizens developed fear of them, not also forgetting their high experiences in security maintenance. To make it clearer, his footprints are spotted wherever he goes to because he is much feared of, and this is what the situation in Lakes State needs to get settled. As I speak to you, the news of his appointment ran like wild fire in summer grass and the whole Lakes State is standing in one leg. However, the former Governor has tried his best to curb insecurity but one thing contributed to his removal; he was too lenient, forgetting that he was eradicating a chronic insecurity, even treating a chronic disease requires a doctor to combine drugs so as to achieve better results. Tough people are dealt with harshly, take that statement properly. If eyes are set on insecurity alone, then failure is inevitable, because there are cousins to insecurity who aid and promote it so often. These are tribal-based distribution of the state humanitarian assistances, political affiliations, corruption, trials of cases, disappearance of raided cattle from the state government cattle-camp and a lot more that have no any other answer apart from violence. When these issues are addressed, then far away is the insecurity, but if they are not, then appearing in every corner insecurity. Taken in to accounts also are the incomplete walls that were left unfinished by the reversion of the states to 10, they should be completed to allow the development and make people have hope that the swallowed policy of taking towns closer to people is still viable and will return sooner than later. It is not that the insecurity of Lakes state can’t be maintained, but its maintenance deprives the governors of the associated wealth meanwhile its continuity deprives them of governorship, what can a wise governor do in this confusing situation? You knowthe answer.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.

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