I profoundly disagree with President Museveni

Last April press accounts in the New Vision newspaper in Kampala, Uganda, informed me of an address by His Excellency President Museveni to a summit meeting on natural resources in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia.  He persuasively explained why the African continent lags behind and I agreed with some of his points in contrasting us with China.

Develop our beloved continent.  President Museveni himself is a good example.  He has a strong educational background that has formed him into an influential thinker and political leader regionally, continentally, and worldwide.  But it was not just education that developed the leader we celebrate today.

My concern is that the pan African leaders who met in Ethiopia missed out on hearing that vocational education is essential to our continental development needs.  For example, South Sudan is a petroleum producing country.  Skills development should be relevant to oil production and industrial usage, transportation, and marketing.  Our planners in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology need to plan in collaboration with those in the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resources Development.

With due respect to President Museveni, I want to register my profound disagreement on educational results.  Education is a key road to civilization and modernity while illiteracy is a killer of dignity and self esteem.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the beloved missionaries of the western world who came to us in the past century to open our eyes through education which can minimize poverty, the world’s prime killer and Africa’s enemy.

God bless Africa and long may pan Africa thrive.

The author may be reached via:   dhano01obongo@gmail.com


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