I only weep for the young ones

By Ngor Khot Garang

As I hold this pen I know someone who is no older than 25 years of age is reading this piece of writing.  I have always wanted to release the feeling I have inside me but the space could not allow me to do so and the only easiest thing I could do is just to sit down and cry for the young people,  the one who are no longer there and those who are tired of their lives.

It is true and I stand bold enough to be corrected that it is very rare to find a young man/woman decently dressed going for work. We would get young people who would go to video halls and betting centers to push time because they have nothing to do. Some have even dropped out of school due to hyperinflation and they have resorted to drinking which poses potential risks to their overall health.

This phenomenon should not be left unresolved.  The country stands strong when the young people are strong and well valued but what kind of South Sudan are we going to have in the next few years if we just watch the young people slowly gliding away?  The young ones no longer live enough to see their dreams.  For what use should I hold these tears?  Who knows he is going to live long enough to see his/own children?  I am afraid and I will weep because the tears will wash my wounds.

I had never dreamt of a world like this before but my chance of survival and the ones of others hangs by a thread.  It was a taboo long time ago for a father to bury the young one but today it is a 75 year old who digs the grave for his 20 year old child, the one who might have been killed in cold blood or as a result of treatable disease because the medical doctors value money, which is man-made, more than life, a precious gift from God. Who is going to save the young ones from extinction? I hope someone who loves South Sudan would try in his/her power to shed tears for the young ones if he/she fails to address their plight.

They are the future of this country and as a matter of fact no young man chose to be a robber or beggar unless the elder is corrupt and ungrateful.  They are the ones on which a successful nation is built upon.  They are always ready to love when they are shown love and also hate when hatred is the order of the day. The young ones follow both the right and wrong path of the elderly and if they are being taught love and forgiveness and given the opportunity to participate in the things concerning the nation, they will do the same with the following generations.

The elderly are the builders of their foundation, so make sure you build it strong and cover it with love and forgiveness so that you will not be the one to suffer its collapse in the future. The collapse of the young people leads to the eventual collapse of the country. The young ones need to be taught the spirit of nationalism by engaging them in activities that will make them busy and focused for a better South Sudan. May God protect us from coronavirus. Young people are the potential victims and we must make sure they are fully protected and when I mention them, I mean street children too.

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