I had no choice but to cry [Part 7]

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes it takes time or nothing like that to understand humanity. People are really wicked and I mean it. When you see the poverty and everything that comes with it, you begin to think that those who are poor should blame themselves for being lazy or something like that but you would be very wrong if that is going to be your take.

In the place I have visited in my dream, I have never seen something like that before and I never knew such a places exist. I saw poverty and its ruins. To many people that I asked I was told this was a man made poverty that the land was very rich and everyone could be rich and happy but there were people among these people who were humans than others.

They steal and amass public funds but this was not the biggest fear, killing was one of the tools that they used to eliminate the poor from the face of the earth.In this small country, there have been serious killings by people who should have protected these people, poor.  Men not God made the decision about who lives and who dies and when the poor cry out to God for help, their prayers just fell on deaf ears.

No wonder, this is why people herebecame to be poor. I tried my best to understand how people could be poor in such a plenty but I was shown people seated somewhere in a special place as they called it. These men were fat and their stomachs could tell that they had eaten a lot and even worse lives of the poor. I stood somewhere and my eyes met one young child. He was almost crying when he saw me. He had not eaten for days and was begging anyone, perhaps a Good Samaritan to lend him a helping hand.

This boy was a hawker, he sells sweet and goes home with less than 50-cent everyday. He had been doing this after his parents got murderedsome years ago in a war that has sent thousands to their early graves and caused millions to flee their homes. 

As young as he was, school was something that his parents had promised him to attend if he had the opportunity to live life to its fullest not a market but what can he do in a world where everything comes against those like him who stands up for themselves? I was really sad when I saw this young child. He deserved a better future but he was in a very wrong place, this land.

This country doesn’t care about anybody. He was now an adult before tenth birthday. My heart melts for this young child. Who knows he was going to die in the next 30 days or so? No doubt, he has to pay the price whether he want it or not. This is the same price his parents paid dearly for with their lives. Theywere poor peasant family who had always lived with a false hope. Getting food for this family was something they always asked God for, sometimes God forgets about them and they have to go days without seeing food.

When you see the setup where they had spent miserable but short life, you would really cry. People don’t have to stay in this kind of place. Where is equality or humanity?  You could see rats playing and huts that could fall apart. Rats are just small animals but they were happier than these people because they had something to eat.

These people before they became a husband and wife, I mean when they were still little kids, their parents had prayed that these children would grow up to lead a better life, they guessed right but they were wrong because something like that cannot happen on this soil.

It was a cursed land, now in their graves they would be praying for their only child they have left on earth to have a better life and how I wish they would rise up even for an hour to see the suffering their only child is going through. They will cry and their tears would not amount to anything.

These people who owns this small country are very wicked and it doesn’t matter how much you cry or pray, nothing ever move them. If there is anything that will make them happy, it is killing of the poor. Why do people have to be heartless like that? Where is our shared humanity? People deserve love and equal treatment. Why do some people seem to have gotten it all?

Before I could finish talking alone, I heard a sound of woman crying from a distance. When I reached to hear, I was moved to tears. She was very thin and weak that you could mistake her for an HIV patient but you would be wrong if you think like that. This poor woman was a widow with three children who all depend on her for survival. They were not in school because their mother could not afford to pay for the three of them in school.

Before I forget her story, she was managing a small business. She used to sell small vegetables to support her three kids but the biggest challenge was that people never buy from her. She would go a day or two without receiving a customer and this would mean that her children would go a day or two without eating because it was a hand to mouth kind of life. But do you know the reason why her things weren’t bought?

Listen, it wasn’t that her items were of poor quality. There were a lot of sellers in the market, the natives and foreigners but the buyers who happened to be the natives or nationals don’t buy from their nationals, they buy from foreigners because they don’t value themselves. The current leaders who would steal millions of dollars and stash it in foreign banks implanted this spirit in them.

But do you know these foreigners who have taken control of the market. They come second after politicians if people were to be rated based on the amount of money they have in their bank accounts and the citizen makes up the poorest majority in this land. The foreign nationals are developing their various countries of origin with the money they make here and this poor citizen just watch speechless. This land, why this God brought me here and when I was about to say a word of prayer, I woke up and realized it was a dream.

To be continued, thanks for reading Finding Hope and for being part of a community working towards positive transformation of South Sudan.

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